The Official “Push ‘Em Out!” Challenge Coin!

The Coin

The challenge coin is popular amongst many organizations as a right to membership. The members keep their coin on them at all times as proof of loyalty to that group.  At “Push Em Out!” we use the coin in a very similar fashion, but here’s our twist:

You carry your “Push Em Out!” challenge coin around with you and when you happen upon a fellow member while out and about, you simply present your challenge coin.  If the other member does not have their coin, then they have to perform 20 pushups for you on the spot!  This works vice versa as well, so keep your coin on you!

Another scenario is the social gathering.  While you are at a social gathering (happy hour, house party, etc.), you simply take out your coin and start tapping it on the bar or table.  At that time all known members of the “Push Em Out!” Challenge will have to take out their coins as well and begin tapping.  If someone does not have their coin, then there are repercussions such as:

Beer chugging




Handstand Picture

or all of the above!

If all members of the club have their coin then you may designate a shot to the last person to begin tapping OR just cheers to “Push Em Out!” or fitness and continue with your party!!


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